Here’s A Little Mud In Your…House?

Into every life a little mud must fly. Into some lives a lot of mud seems to fly. Mothers, no doubt, will attest to the increase of mud in their lives once their children have discovered the joys of this wonderful substance.

Mud can be turned into pies, cakes, slides, something new to jump in. With a little imagination there is no end in sight to what you can do with mud, especially when you are a child. And it’s simple to make, just add water. If you add too much water, no need to despair, after all you just need to mix in some more dirt and work it to the consistency you need. And then? Well instant fun and adventure. (And perhaps a shudder from the washing machine and mom when all the mud comes into the house to be cleaned up!)

Not having children of my own, I thought my life with flying mud or mud in general was more or less tame now. Sure there is mud on the paths I walk from time to time, and yes when the garden gets a little too much water, mud is present. But the muddy clothes? No I didn’t think that would play a part in my life. Nor did I think that I’d be faced with muddy footprints on clean floors, smears on the wall and a streak down the side of an upholstered chair.

I know, some of you are thinking either Beloved or I let our inner children go wild. And it’s true we do on occasion have a hard time restraining our inner children, especially when said inner child plans an all out tantrum just to ensure s/he gets what s/he wants.

But no my dear friends, this is not of human making. This is of the four-footed variety. It seems the puppy is part piglet in that she enjoys a good wallow or two in the mud. Not to mention if you let her, she will eat mud. Dirt? She won’t eat dirt, but some how the water added to the dirt adds just the right amount of touch to it. Let the eating commence.

This same puppy hates baths or being wet. But mud isn’t so much just wet as it’s coating. Think of it as hair treatment, only for her fur and consider she loves to treat her hair/fur and you get the idea. She is a mud puppy, not a mudpuppy in that sense (salamander/newt type), but rather a puppy who can’t pass up even a small spot of mud. And as a good, loving puppy, she insists on sharing it with us and our possessions. The further she spreads the stuff in the house, the more she loves us I guess. Which means it might be wrong, from her vantage point, when we immediately clean it all up and throw her in the bath to clean it off her as well.

Speaking of which, the stain remover needs to be removed and hopefully the stain that was with it will be gone as well. Otherwise we may have to get creative with our off white chairs and “modern” art.


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