Comparing Wheels To Meals, or Disaster In Assembly

Beloved decided today was th day to do “assembly line” cooking.  I guess he flat it would be a way to get ahead of meals for this week.  Not that I would know as I’m not home, I’m at the hospital.

He told me about his fun when he came up to see me today.  You see the puppy felt a huge need to help him cook.  By tripping him up when he walked.  And jumping up as high as she can to see what he is doing.  Perhaps even to help herself to some of the food, if he wasn’t looking.  Except she can’t get high enough to reach the counter just yet.  I’m sure with practice she will.

Beloved said he set up various stations in the kitchen for his assembly line and all was going well to begin with.  Because the puppy was sleeping.  And then someone phoned, which woke the puppy up.  And so after the phone call the puppy needed outside and needed play time.  Followed by helping in the kitchen.  Until someone came to the door, but alas they had the wrong address.  Apparently every time he got in the rhythm of getting stuff pulled together he was interrupted.

He said going forward he may not bother with assembly line cooking because it takes too long.  Or rather it takes too long with the interruptions.  And he hasn’t figured out how to deal with the interruptions because it would be his luck that when he ignores the phone he will miss an important call.  And if you don’t take the dog out it only leads to huge messes in the house.

As he put it, Ford never had these issues.  But then Ford was making cars.  Dogs weren’t an issue, nor were phone calls or visitors.  It was work and things were designed for efficiencies around building a car.  Beloved was trying to pull together a few meals, more elaborate than simple.  He was doing so in the family home, with a puppy.  I’m not sure his comparison works, still like managed to get the wheels on so to speak with meals cooked and ready for later on.


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