Master And Slave Drivers or Technology And Me

Someone once said technology, well actually robots, would eventually take over the world. Or at least make us slaves to it rather than it being our slave. In a way it has taken over the world, and we are slaves, or worshippers of the almighty technology.

For some of us, the release of the new look for the iPhone 7 ruled parts of our day. We had to see what changes would be made, how it would affect our daily lives. And if you were like someone in my life who shall remain nameless, you saw the new Apple gadgets and put your name on the list to get the latest and greatest of all the new gear. It must be done or the you will fall behind, or so this person reasonable explained as s/he madly put down to be on the wait list for the new gear.

How many people will stand in crazy lines, or maybe camp out days before, to get their hands on the latest technology? How many will step beyond a practical budget just to give into the pull, the draw and the aura of new technology?

Some people claim Apple has a cult-like following, which may be true, but surely no different from other technology gadget makers.

Some of us like that our technology tells us when to descale it (my coffee maker for example demands descaling and cleaning cycles to be run so I can enjoy my optimum cup of coffee). Frankly the master has become the servant in some cases. Thankfully my coffee maker doesn’t shriek at me if I fail to do what it demands, it does pay me back though. With crappy coffee.

And I can honestly say I cannot imagine a life without technology, nor do I really want to when we consider the lifestyle we would have without it. I’m not just talking about amusing myself with a tablet or watching television. I’m talking about the fact I can light up the house when I need to and not worry about having a million candles all about (although that does still happen when Beloved is around; he has a thing for candles). I’m talking about how I can cook my food or store it safely for another day. The fact that I can read the written word, printed in a book that is readily available. I can’t fathom life without these conveniences. Vessels to cook in, tools for butchering food (the butcher takes care of that thanks all the same)

So yes, in some ways technology has taken over the world, and in some cases that’s a good thing. In other cases, perhaps we’ve lost something by allowing this to happen. I’d write more but my watch is demanding that I charge it now or it will die and apparently I can’t live with that!


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