What I Have Become

I’ve been blessed with my four-footed companion.  She keeps me going and forces me beyond my illness with her needs and her antics.  There are days that I would rather just rest peacefully and she insists on a walk.  Which is what I need to push throw the pain, but it never seems like a good idea when I’m feeling the pain.

She has her own needs, this four-footed friend of mine.  She gets cold very easily, especially when wet or in the wind.  So she has a sweater right now to help with that. And given that it’s bound to be cold this winter, I bought her a coat.  One that’s water-resistant and wind resistant and has a warm inner lining. Because she is missing an under layer of fur.

Yep I’ve somehow become one of those people.  As Beloved pointed out to me she is a dog.  Dogs are animals.  Animals who live outdoors.  But we’ve domesticated them.  And her breed isn’t meant for the weather in either of our homelands, not really.

Besides I hate being cold so I can imagine what it is like when you are closer to the cold pavement.  You get cold.  And cold isn’t pleasant.  So yes she has a coat.  And booties.  And yes I’ve become that person.  And as much as he wont admit it, Beloved has become that man.

Of course we see our four-footed friend as part of the family.  A rather furry toddler who is most mischievous and doesn’t like the cold or the wind.  So we must protect her.  She lives in our house, she has comfortable beds, blankets and welcoming laps.  And now a sweater and a coat.  Because we are those people.


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