Living With The Stars

According to my horoscope, which really should be called a horrorscope, I am entering a three month phase of great busyness and change. I’m not exactly sure how this is any different than any other stage in my life, but that’s what the stars say.

The stars also tell me that I must be cautious making decisions for the next week as my mind will not be focused on the fine details required for making sound decisions around finances and large purchases. Hmm I guess I can always put off making decisions about payments and what have you, and just send in a copy of my horoscope explaining how it’s written in the stars that I avoid these things. I promise, I will write at the bottom, when the stars say it’s ideal, I will make payments.

Oh and don’t come wanting to talk to me today either, especially not with you being so huffy and emotional. Yep the stars tell me that someone will want to be extra chatty with me today, and I’m far too busy for that. And when I try to tell people I’m busy, well I can expect much huffiness.

Oh and I really need to encourage you to keep whatever secret it is that you have bubbling up inside of you that is threatening to come out. According to the stars lots of people will feel a need to share secrets that are better kept at this time and my role is to tell you to keep them to yourself right now. Can you say awkward for all involved? Yep I knew you could. But the stars assure me that this will be for the greater good if you just keep this all to yourself for now. And I just need to tell people to keep their stuff to themselves. (Phew, mission accomplished!)

It’s just best to follow the stars, I mean some people are lead by the North Star as their guide right? Other people can navigate around the globe in small little boats simply by following the stars. In my case, I’m lucky when I can find the major constellations. Not all of us can be guided so freely. Which is why they came up with horoscopes. You know to help those of us who are star-challenged to follow what their wisdom. If only it was an easy thing to do.

Frankly I’d just as soon get on with my life doing my thing and not worrying about what the stars say. How about you?


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