Sitting, In

I love a good protest. If it’s a staged sit-in type of protest all the better. Especially if the sit-in is indoors, with comfortable chairs, food, drinks and the ability to control the temperature. Oh yes and indoor plumbing and facilities. Oh and if you toss in electricity and television even better. Then I most certainly love a good sit-in.

Hey under those conditions, if you need someone to sit-in then I may just be the right girl for you! Have sit-in skills, will travel…sort of. But those types of protests hardly ever happen. I have seen them play out exactly twice. Both in places where I’d much rather not be. Simply because they tend to be the places where you don’t have the ability to leave when you want. Of course those places also tend to not let you do what you want when you want. I know, you’d think it was a prison or something…and you’d be correct in that guess.

Now I’ve been to prison before, but never as a guest. Well not an over night guest. Rather a guest of a guest who is staying over night. Perhaps several over nights. Maybe over a number of years. But when I was able to witness these protests take place in these places of institutionalized containment (I like the way that sounds. Some more pleasing than prison, which comes rolling harshly off your tongue.) I can assure you they didn’t go in keeping with my plans for a staged sit-in.

For me a staged sit-in would be in a very comfortable building, with a nice view, good televisions (just in case I get bored). It would have good lighting for me to read my books and what have you. I need electricity to play with my electronic devices aka cellphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader. Oh and a variety of food must be available as well as unlimited great coffee. So I guess also washrooms. Heating and air conditioning, just in case. Oh yeah and I have to get along with all the other people who are protesting. Yep and then I’m good.

In other words I don’t really have anything to get to up in arms about right at this moment so I can think in terms of a comfortable sit-in. It isn’t that I do not get behind causes, I do. I just happen o be worn out, drained and rather not in the mood for a protesting so I haven’t found my next one to look at.

You see I live in privilege, where I can pretty much do what I want (within the norm of my society). But every day, all around the globe, there are people who don’t have this luxury. There are also people who cannot protest via a sit-in whether it’s in comfortable surroundings or not. Some people don’t dare protest vocally for fear of never being able to protest again. Due to that whole being dead threat. Others protest despite that threat, reasoning that dying to while trying to make a difference is better than sitting there and hoping someone else will make that difference happen for you.

And sometimes a sit-in isn’t going to do anything. Some protests demand energy, some demand loud voices and marching feet. How many have passed by that I’ve failed to notice or deemed unworthy of a protest? Am I right to judge that? Probably not, because I haven’t lived in their shoes and known their pain and suffering.

I also don’t have the energy or frankly the desire to protest everything right now…again if I were to become a professional protestor that may change. I’m stopped for pursuing this career by a few things: the whole prison thing, the discomfort and I’ve been told it doesn’t’ pay well. I should really protest the very fact that being a professional protestor has horrible pay with little to no benefits…maybe I will do that in the sit-in form! 🙂


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