Pjs, yoga Pants and Leadership

A friend of mine said that her workplace is creating a flexible dress code.  And by flexible it men’s yoga pants are acceptable, so are “formal” pjs.  Since my friend is a senior leader  it is expected that she will model the acceptable dress code for her team.  Which means she has some shopping to do.

She has been to several stores to find pjs that meet the dress code, but at the same time are something she would wear.  She was able to find a top to wear with her yoga pants.  A top that comes to her mid-thigh, which is about her comfort when it comes to yoga pants in public.

I can’t imagine having to purchase a wardrobe that really isn’t about what I would normally wear.  I can’t imagine having to purchase these items with my own money when I know I won’t wear them beyond the forced periods at work.  Just because some members of my team might like to wear yoga pants, I don’t see how it’s logical or fair to insist I wear yoga pants to support them.

My friend and a few of her fellow leaders asked for an allowance to purchase their clothes for these ummm engagement sessions.  They were told no, and that they were not being loyal to the company or their team.  She said she felt like she was being told that her leadership skills were under review, which is the polite way of saying her job was under review.  And not because she showed incompetence or such.  But because she said she wasn’t comfortable wearing formal pjs to work and if the company insisted that she get in line with things, that they should at least purchase the forced upon ensemble.

Is it just me, or did the concept of engagement and leadership get lost?


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