Lonely Times or A Fact Of Life

We are defined, it is said, in part by the company we keep.  We are shaped or influenced by the people we have associate with and who we spend time with.  It is impossible, it is said, to not be influenced at least to some degree by others.

Of course it is also said that we are social animals.  We suffer when we function and live in isolation.  Our souls yearn for human contact and touch.  And there are serious health ramifications when we do not get that human contact.  We suffer and can die from lack of human companionship.

And yet in these days and times we have managed to fool ourselves into believing we have human interaction through social media.  There are some people who spend all their time talking to people online while never interacting face-to-face with a human.  Some people assure us they like their lives better this way.  They are safe from judgment and hurt, awkward social nuances and all that, when they interact in a virtual type of an environment.

I enjoy my own time.  My space and time that I carve aside every day for just myself.  Because without my own solitude I’m a less pleasant person.  Without silence and alone time I become quicker to anger.  Because dealing with people all the time requires energy.  Precious energy that I don’t always have, sometimes due to lupus and sometimes due to being an introvert at heart.

But despite taking time for myself, time away from everyone, including Beloved, I would never say that I was lonely.  But I can understand how someone could feel lonely, if they were isolated and not by their own making.  And is isolation that is happening these days seems to be becoming an epidemic that requires human intervention through human contact.


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