Ah Forget It

Have you ever walked into a room to get something or even worse put something away only to discover upon walking into the room you have no clue why you went to the room in the first place? It’s rather embarrassing when you happen to have an object the clearly belongs in the kitchen in your hand when you enter the kitchen only to ask yourself, upon arriving in the kitchen why you went there in the first place and promptly leave. With the object still in your hand?

It’s okay if you don’t want to say you’ve had these moments. I understand completely because I’ve been known to walk into various rooms holding on to things I mean to put back, but instead take the items on various tours of the house. I’ve been known, on one occasion, to walk from the house to outside with a roll of toilet tissue in my hand when I was clearly going to take the item to the washroom. But I went to the washroom, recognized I did not need to “go” so I walked out and then noticed some flowers on the ground outside, so I went outside to pick them up. Taking the roll of toilet tissue on a nice adventure. I guess. We didn’t ask it. We also debated if it should be used for it’s intended purpose or if the trip outside had somehow sullied it.

They (the experts of course) say this is completely normal. This getting distracted in mid-process of doing something. They (the experts of course) claim that our modern lifestyles lead to more occurrences. They (the experts of course) assure us it is nothing to worry about. But where exactly do you draw the line?

Car keys in the refrigerator? Is that where you draw the line? Or is it when you stumble across the car keys in the refrigerator after hunting throughout the entire house looking for them and stopping just short of ripping up the carpet and the walls?

Beloved found his wallet in the freezer yesterday. I guess that gives new emphasis on the cold part of cold hard cash. He spent several hours looking for it, more time panicking over the potential loss. It was discovered as he traced back where all he had been that day and remembered that he had put something in the freezer. There was his wallet. Only now he cannot remember what he put in the freezer. Frankly he is questioning if whatever the item is now has been given a new home. Hopefully one we will find sooner. Before it spoils. Unless the puppy ate it. Then we might find the after effects of that.

I suppose the way the experts look at it, today’s society is always connected to something, always multitasking so these slip ups are bound to happen. But what about when you aren’t that inundated? What about when you aren’t multitasking and still manage to take the toilet tissue outside with you while you pick up fallen blossoms? What then? Is there a reasonable explanation for this?

Beloved has started to question if he has all of his “working faculties” as he puts it. Dementia and Alzheimer’s does not run in his family. At least not that he is aware of. But he is getting to a stage in life where he needs to consider what his happening. So he is debating getting some testing done. Debating because he isn’t so sure he will be able to handle results that aren’t what he wants to hear. So for now he is debating these things. And keeping track of both his and my own mishaps. Just in case…


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