Breaking It With Cake

Some days you need to break the rules and have cake for breakfast.  Heck be bold and have it for all of your meals for a day if you wish.  Although I recommend if you do that you change it up with different types of cake for each meal.  That way you don’t get bored with one flavor.  That is if you happen to be someone who likes variety.

Today was a break all the rules day.  All of them.  It was eat cake whenever you want, as often as you want.  It was drink way ever you want, when you want it.  It was wear your comfortable clothes and enjoy your cake kind of day.  Basically it was a do whatever you want kind of day.  Because the rules suck.  And there are too many of them.

The best about breaking the rules is when your partner also is in the mood to break the rules.  To be honest Beloved started it this time,  only wasn’t for the whole day.  Just when he came home in the afternoon.  And yes, he was home shortly after one.  I didn’t make it home until after three.

So when the urge hit him, he walked down to the bakery and bought a few slices of cake. A small tart or two.  When I got home he was setting out the cake, frothing milk for lattes and wanting to talk about anything or than work.  Or rules.  Or the government.

So we enjoyed cake.  And tried a tart.  And decided we really needed to walk that off and headed no where in particular.  And yet ended up at the market where Beloved bought pastries for later on.  Because it was one of those days.  The kind where bedtime doesn’t matter.

Come the next few days there will be a horde of vegetables in this house.  And that’s about it.  Because sometimes you need to follow and exceed the rules.  Especially after you’ve broken them.


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