Invitation To A Lupus Party, Sort Of…

Beloved headed out for a small gathering with friends, taking the puppy with him and leaving me with the whole house to myself.  A still and peaceful house.  A house where the doors can be left open and items left on the floor with no fear of a four-footed terror examining things with her mouth.

Ah yes the joys of puppy-hood! 😊  Not a sock, not a sheet, nothing gets past her keen eyes sight and exploratory bites.  It makes the days we do the beds a little more entertaining to be sure.  But it’s not change the bedding day in the house.  No, that’s not why Beloved left me alone in an empty house.

Our friends had planned this gathering months earlier.  A birthday celebration combined with the celebration of a PhD awarded.  A low-key affair where children of all kinds are nvited…yes including the four-footed kind.  But not low-key enough to allow me to show up in bed, which is basically where the bulk of the day has been spent.

You see lupus is having a celebration all,of its own.  The location?  My body.  The theme?  Mass pain and inflammation.  The antidote?  Meds in mass courses and rest.  Hordes of rest.  Hence the not going to the party.  Hence the staying in bed with meds.  Hence the puppy going to the party with Beloved.


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