Class Timing

Some people are always early, some are always late.  Some people are always right on time and some are a mixed bag of these three.  Despite the best laid plans and intentions things happen that are beyond our control making us late.

I understand life getting in the way now and then.  I understand being a little early all the time, after all that tends to be my style.  I don’t understand how people can always be right on time and not a second early.  And a whole new mystery to me is the person who is always late.

I do not understand always late.  I do not understand how you can plan to be always late and not care how that impacts others.  I do not understand ow someone can be oblivious to anything beyond self-interest etc.

With classes starting up I’m curious which percentage of students will,be early (hopefully not super early) and which will always be late.  I’m also curious if this will be the semester where I finally step beyond labelling the students as self-centered (typically assigned to the late comers), responsible (slightly early), or keeners (those super early people), and see them just as students.  What difference does it make to ascribe labels to these students just because when I was in school one of my professors verbalized this and stressed what he thought of people in each of these labels.

See semesters aren’t just fresh starts for students, they also offer fresh starts for the professors, instructors, facilitator or teachers.


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