Cutting Up A Rug and Eating Fifites Style

Now and then I give into the urge to recreate some marvellous menu I had from long ago.  Of course it never comes out exactly the same, but that’s half the fun.  Since it was our turn to host the dinner and music this month, Beloved chose a 1950-1960 “bubblegum” pop theme for the music.

For the menu, there were shrimp with devilled sauce, hamburgers and fries and to finish the whole thing off milkshakes, floats and ice cream in several different flavors.  Music complemented the food more or less and much to my delight people dressed to the theme.  Saddles whose were kicked off, full skirts got in the way and it was just way too much fun.

In keeping with get theme, the dishwasher is not working.  Beloved broke role enough to help with the dishes.  How on earth did people manage without dishwashers we wondered.  But of course that’s just our laziness kicking in.  They didn’t know any better as they didn’t have appliances to do that for them.

So we will have dish-pan hands from dishes,  sore feet from too much dancing and wonderful memories until the next time.  Which isn’t being held at our place thank heavens. Not that I mind the people coming over, it’s the exhaustion (a good kind mind you) that carries over into e following days that I’m not a fan of!


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