Water Everywhere or How We Got A Swimming Pool

I may have mentioned before that neither Beloved, nor myself, are really all that good in life skills. Sure he can cook gourmet meals, but we can’t grow the vegetables. We probably could raise the animals, if we had the space, but I’d promptly turn them into pets. And once you name the animal you cannot eat it. No can do. Home repairs? Not Beloved’s thing, and I’m only good at minor things. You know the sorts of things like fixing small cracks in the wall, repainting and things of that nature. Rewiring the electrical? Not happening. Well unless you want to see fireworks.

In keeping with the degree of our inability to actually fix things, the house decided it needed a water feature. A “built in” kind of water feature that normally costs tons of money to get have added. Let’s not talk about the maintenance and the upkeep of said water feature. Our came free of charge. And it’s not exactly wanted. Mostly because I’m not sure how to treat the water so one could swim in it.

Yep the rain has found it’s way into the house. Not through the roof, which is where I expected it to come. And not through the foundation corners either. Not that either of those would make life any easier. But the water found it’s way through the cement slab the house is built on. The floor has enough water covering all of it to go splashing through.

The only fix we could do, between the two of us, is hook-up the wet vac. and suck out the water. But that only lasts for so long. So we did what we always do when the house decides it needs attention. We called in an expert. Who told us nothing can be done. After he collected his pay.

Why you may ask can nothing be done. Let me share with you something called ground-shift and something else called water table. Let me share with you the idea that when the ground shifts, it can alter the water table. The water table rises and falls depending upon the amount of water falling into the ground.

The very wet spring caused some of the ground up from our us to shift and altered the water table. The bottom of the cement slab is now technically sitting in the water table. Not above it. Not near it. But in it. Think swimming pool that fills up from the floor. That’s the house.

I’m not sure what all needs to be done as Beloved decided to have man-to-man talk with the contractor. Which is basically the same as having a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you do because Beloved has no more of a clue about this stuff than I do.

Me? I’ve been looking for arks, but there doesn’t seem to be any on the market. I’m not sure we can actually handle any of the boats for sale, but I think we can manage an inflatable raft. After all Beloved can “explain” to me everything he learned from the contractor and that hot air can fill up the raft. He knows how to paddle and so do I so we have that going for us. We should be okay as long as nothing punctures the raft because if something does I think we will just go down with the ship.


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