Fallen & I Like It

I’ve fallen, it seems, down a rabbit hole of sorts. I thought perhaps I might encounter the white rabbit or the mad hatter, but alas neither have met me along my journey and I’ve not heard so much as one word about Alice.

I’ve fallen, it seems, down a rabbit hole of sorts. The kind of rabbit hole that happens to be impossibly small to fall down, and yet here I am. Looking up into a small, distant tunnel of what appears to be day light. And I’ve no clue how to reach it or how to climb out.

I’ve fallen, it seems, down a rabbit hole of my own making. Chasing theories wherever they lead me. Twisting and turning, doubling back and running into thickets of confusion until I couldn’t possibly even know for sure if I fell or climbed down into this hole.

I’ve fallen, it seems, down a rabbit hole that is my own mental trap. One that scares me a little, and yet I’m loathe to leave. For if nothing else it is my own rabbit hole of sorts My own making. Surely by that thought process I can find my way out or at least find a means to get to where I can find help to get out.

I’ve fallen, it seems, down a rabbit hole that I’m not too inclined to climb out of. It is interesting in these warrens. I have crossed over a million tunnels it would seem and each one has a whole new delight. Surprises, curiosities and discoveries all sit waiting for me as I work my way through this strange world.

Granted I haven’t really fallen down a rabbit hole, I’m far too big for that. Plus I’m pretty sure the puppy would have scared away everything as we went into the hole together. But often times when I’m working on research and ideas, it seems as though I end up in a never-ending maze of tunnels, each with something else up for offer. Each offer requiring exploration and examination to one degree or another.

In this state the world outside ceases to turn, the hours slip by unnoticed. As long as coffee, tea or water are nearby I am oblivious to anything other than the biological calls. A huge part of me wishes to stay down in this world of tunnels and dark spaces to explore. But that part of me isn’t as large as the part that needs to be involved with the greater world. But now and then, its nice to dive into a rabbit hole or two…


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