Patches of Lovely Erosion

When I was a small child I had a teddy bear, called Patches.  Patches had patches sewn onto him (not sure how I knew he was a boy) randomly.  I’m pretty sure he was bought that way, but my daddy told me it was because he loved so much and loved me so much he kinda burst out of his fur.

I had forgotten about Patches until someone gave the puppy a new toy that had some patches sewed on it.  The toy is a dog that wears a jacket which has patches sewn onto the elbows and collar.  The patches seem to be where the squeakers are located in this toy, so no doubt these are the areas that will be”loved” the most.

It seems the more we love something the more likely it is to be worn down, by love.  When you consider all the other ways to be worn down, this really isn’t that bad of a choice.  It’s a gentle wearing down.  The process is gradual so you don’t notice it the same, especially if the love is a two-way street.

When you love someone or something and you are loved  back in return you can’t notice your own worn areas.  You are too busy with that someone or something else.  Some how the little tears and rips n the fabric of our lives isn’t nearly as noticeable in this condition.  And we wear our faded, torn and threadbare skin without a care of what others think.  Because we are loved and love back so much it bursts past the wrinkles, greying or fading that happens.  Before we even notice it, we have been eroded by love in a lovely way.



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