Peice of Cake

Some days are salad days, others are pasta days or cookie days. Today is a cake day. One of those days where there is no specific reason for there to be cake other than a huge craving on my part. Thanks to a friend sharing her craving for cake.

Before she told me about her craving, I didn’t even give cake a thought. Wasn’t on my radar. Cake, was in fact, a distant memory from the last celebration over a month ago. Until she mentioned that she woke up to a craving of cake that would not go away and instead was growing stronger.

What started off as a desire for cake in a general way become a burning desire for a specific type of cake and that grew into need for a specific cake from a specific bakery. It had to be dealt with. So what’s a friend to do? Other than go with her to the bakery for her to get her cake. Which of course lead to me developing a need for cake.

I sent a message to Beloved to let him know as far as I was concerned, today was cake day. He wants to cook a meal? Let him. I was planning on eating cake. Yep cake. For a meal. Why not?

The thing is, my declaration for cake as a meal became a desire for him as well. So we shall have our cake and eat it too. Because we said it is cake day. Unless guilt kicks in. Which it sometimes does. You know the guilt that says you should eat a veggie or two first. Just to, you know, ensure you did not just turn cake into a meal. You need to balance it out after all.

Cake can provide protein and dairy, grains and fiber. Some cover off the fruit portion of things, but the veggies? Well unless you have a carrot cake or such. Which is wrong. Because cake day is about cake. Not about adding veggies into the cake. Even better if the guilt of not having the veggies stays away on cake day. No need to ruin a perfectly good meal of cake is there


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