Petite Palace Uncovered

Now and then you read of a “lost” city, hidden force furies perhaps.  Some person stumbles across this amazing lost treasure and suddenly lots of flurry, activity and work must be done.  For a piece of history we never even knew was missing until that moment  it  found.

And now, dear readers, it seems a palace has been found within the walls of my garden. It isn’t large, not by the size of most palaces.  It isn’t full of intricate carvings or amazing architect, but rarely can you see that kind of beauty when you first see something which has been hidden for so long. It needs some cleaning up, this discovered palace, but you can see it’s something special.

And we have the puppy to thank for finding it.  You see she was digging around when she found the first wall of the palace.  As she nosed around, she dug out more and more of the palace, complete with the former inhabitants.

It seems at some time in the past someone built a palace for tiny beings, gnomes I think.  It’s hard to tell with what’s been left as most of them have degraded to the point it’s hard to tell.  The palace was made of tiny rocks set built one on top of the other, complete with a tower of sorts, from what I can make out.

Someone must have had a reason to cover this up and keep it safe.  Safe until the puppy came along.  She was hunting for mushrooms and bugs, two favourite pastimes of hers.  Beloved is taking pictures of the find while I’ve kept the puppy occupied.  I don’t hold out lots of Hope that we will learn much about the find, but it’s worth a try.  As clearly at some point, someone took a great deal,of the to painstaking create this palace and then place little beings in it as well as around in the landscaped areas just outside of the palace.


2 thoughts on “Petite Palace Uncovered

  1. Great find, would love to see some pics!

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