It’s A Very Berry Time

Beloved went strawberry picking today.  We don’t have strawberries to pick, but a friend has a large patch of strawberries in need of picking.  So Beloved decided to help out and reap some of the gathered berries.

He came home with a bucket full of beautiful red berries and a grin in his face.  I’m not sure which was bigger, the grin or the bucket.  This wasn’t a regular sized bucket either, it was an oversized bucket that he managed to fill to almost overflowing.  Pies, jam, fools and sauces are in the making.

But first comes the washing and then freezing of some of the berries so we can enjoy them all year-long.  Me?  Well someone has to do quality control don’t you know?! 😊  And rest assured, dear friends, I take my role of quality control on taste testing very serious.  It requires sampling berries from different parts of he bucket.  It means sampling berries of different sizes and shade.  It basically means it’s the reason to enjoy the berries just as they are while Beloved cleans the rest!

I know, it’s not a job just anyone is up for.  It takes dedication and the willingness to sample several hauls of berries.  Sometimes you get one or two that aren’t as sweet as the others, but it’s a small price to pay in order to ensure everything is on the up and up. And for those of you who feel for Beloved, don’t.  For every five berries he out in the bucket, he put a few in his mouth.  I know because he told me!


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