Messy But So Good

I decided to try a new recipe today.  It wasn’t intentional as per say, it just occurred to me to use what was on hand and be surprised by the results.  And oh my my was I ever surprised.

You see on hand I had some ice cubes, a big bowl of water, a hot puppy, a floating orange toy and the great outdoors.  The process was fairly straightforward and I’m sure you could play with the process as well as the ingredients and still be surprised.

To my huge bowl of water, I added the puppy and then gently tossed in a few ice cubes.  Let the three ingredients settle down into happy splashes and some odd drinking habits and enjoy.  Once the ice melts, gently add in the floating water toy and let the puppy mix the toy in the water until the puppy deems two teams properly mixed.

At this point the puppy will probably want out of the water, to go and get some special flavors to add to the mix.  Mine felt that ants and grass sold be a wonderful addition to the water mixture.  And let the surprises carry on for nth you and the puppy.

Now I don’t recommend trying this recipe indoors, it requires the outdoors for the extra ingredients as well as the method of mixing (it can be a bit messy).  Don’t be surprised if your wet puppy decides to splash you, put wet paws on your or decides dirt should go n the water.

You will want a towel near by, to absorb the majority of the water stuck in the puppy’s coat.  I highly recommend this recipe and have no doubt we will be carrying some variant of this again.  Repeatedly.


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