Didn’t Notice Until I Was Forced To

I was supposed to grab a few items from the market today.  The schedule called for an early trip to the market.  Not normally an issue in account of the fact that no one sleeps in around here.  Until they do.

We were up around 6:30 this morning, which is fairly typical. But I felt less than well.  So Beloved thought a wee bit of rest was in order.  That wee bit of rest took me until almost 10:00 which was unheard in my world.  And I still didn’t feel well.

I managed a shower, and then was better much flat-out of energy.  But we had plans for today.  Plans that I had already messed up.  So I thought I could push through the lack of energy, pain and general unwell feeling.  Heaven knows I’ve done it more than once before.

After a few hours of thinking I was doing a good enough acting job, I sat down.  For a moment.  Except the moments stretched into two, then four.  Then it was Beloved’s voice on the phone, cancelling our plans that I next remember. Apparently I had fallen asleep without realizing it.

Also unknown to me was the fact that the butterfly rash was back in full force and my joints were swollen.  As Beloved was reassuring me it wasn’t a big deal that we had to cancel our plans, I was trying to figure out how lupus had grabbed the upper hand.

The only thing I could think of was puppy.  Not that the puppy had triggered this glare, although she has helped eat away my sleep time.  But the puppy is a bundle of energy.  Energy that likes to be outside.  And outside for the last bit has been the most amazing weather here.  No rain, very nice warm temperatures.  Just lots of sun.  Sun that I stood in without a thought while playing with the puppy.

And there it was.  Once again that weird relationship I have with lupus.  Because I adore the sun and the heat.  But I hate how it fuels a flare in lupus.  And being rather preoccupied with the puppy I was in the sun far more than I had thought.  Far more than any of us realized.  Until today.

Now Beloved is using the items he had to get at the market to make a scaled back version of his dinner party.  It will be a party for two, and possibly served in bed.


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