From Flowers To Painting, or An Innocent Accident

I only wanted to bring some of the beautiful flowers from the garden indoors. Nothing too extreme, just a few blooms here and there. So I could enjoy them and let them perfume the house.

I forgot some of the flowers I brought in, if brushed against something would leave their mark. White walls suddenly had a small dusting of orange/yellow smears here and there. Try as I might to wipe that stuff off, it didn’t work. Washing the walls didn’t work either. The mark stayed.

Long after the flowers have faded and the smell has disappeared, the marks will be on the wall to remind me of the flowers I once brought into the house I guess. And the ants that hitch-hiked on the flowers and are trying to find a new home. I guess if the dog doesn’t eat them all first, some of them may establish a colony in the house.

The house spider won’t complain though. She will be happy for a more steady supply of food, although how much food the ants will give her is left to be determined. Then again the puppy might eat her too.

Come to think of it, if the flowers had been at a level where she could have grabbed them, she probably would have eaten them too. Because puppies eat things. Everything. They work off the theory that if it stays down it must be food.

Shame the puppy can’t eat the marks off the wall. But that would require the puppy eating the wall and that is not going to happen. Now I know some of you are saying just paint the wall and be done with it. But you see painting the wall never turns out to just be a case of painting the wall.

Sure it starts off that way, just fixing that little incident. But then you pretty much have to do the whole wall, and if you do that wall you have to do all the walls near it. And well if you do all those walls near it, they end up being near other walls. And on and on it goes. And while you are painting you could patch up the holes too.

You know, the ones where Beloved thought he had the right spot to hang the pictures and masks, but actually had the placement wrong. He found that out after he hung said items and didn’t like where they were so what’s another hole. He promised he’d fix it when it came around to getting fixed. I reckon that will happen with the painting.

And honestly if you can fix those few holes surely we can get some other things done at the same time…

See it all started with just a few simple flowers being brought into the house. No one will believe it though.


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