Terror In The Garden

Terror stalks my garden.  The flowers tuck their blooms in close, the grass doesn’t seem to grow as tall and the birds are basically doing very quick stopovers.  And I don’t blame any one of them.

We thought we got a puppy, but we may have gotten a hybrid of some sort.  She is part anteater, minus the long sticky tongue but with a taste for ants all the same.  She likes the refreshing taste of mint after some crawling ants, but if she can’t get to the mint she will settle for the subtle refreshment of grass.

She is part bee, pollenating flowers as she pushes her turned up face right into the blossoms as if to absorb all their perfume before moving on to the next flower with a repeat performance.  She also likes to roll on the petals, as if to get the very essence of the flowers into her fur.

Birds are provided a time limit of no more than 15 seconds in the grass before they are chased out.  I suspect she wants to ensure the worms remain for her delight although I haven’t seen her eat one yet.

I’m sorely tempted to take her truffle hunting because if there is just the beginning of a mushroom growing, she’s on it like there is no tomorrow.  She will try to dig it out too if you let her.

All the raspberries of a certain height have been picked off the canes and consumed.  Now she is going after ones that require a bit of a stretch.  Because the strawberries has vanished.  Blackberries are also disappearing at an alarming rate and I’m sure soon the entire garden will become an endangered place.

The vet assures me she isn’t goat, not even a small fraction of one.  He said she is simply exploring her world and enjoying the fruits of the season.  Evidently none of it harmful.  She may even dig up carrots he said.

I’ve asked for signed documentation that she is a dog, just in case someone sees her bounding across the lawn because she will run, but she also likes to jump.  Long quick jumps that seem to require no preparing.  The way deer jump.

She is, he vet assures me, a lovely puppy who is starting to enjoy the adventures of her new home.  Now if only she didn’t find toes to be tasty!


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