Folding It Up

I had no idea that the human body could be folded, bent twisted and straightened  as if it were a piece of paper being used for origami.  It simply doesn’t seem possible.  Or right.  But then again I have a mind stuck in western medicine.  Not chiropractic practices.

Oh I’ve tried it.  Twice.  Between the snapping, cracking and force used it was not comfortable for me.  I had taken some courses in human anatomy and couldn’t recall them ever saying a quick turn of the neck being good.  I seem to recall something about the need to be careful or gentle when it came to the neck.

But Beloved decided to try a chiropractor for some stiffness he had in a shoulder.  He hadn’t counted on being folded and smoothed out the way he was.  He hadn’t counted on so much noise.  Loud noise.  Coming from his shoulders and back.  He suggested that he sounded a bit like some castanets.  Or a rusty piece of equipment in desperate need of oiling.

He came home describing the process as if he were a piece of human origami.  Since he had taken some lessons in this, learning how to make a paper crane, I figured he knew what he was talking about.  And if this the case we need a refund.  He looks nothing like a crane.  Nor is his pain any better, but perhaps if he had wings he might be pain free.


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