Coffee Culture or Bad Behavior

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I have a little thing for coffee.  As in it is a daily ritual for me.  Okay who am I kidding, it’s a bit of an addiction.  But as much as I love coffee, as much as there are days when I need it, I cannot fathom doing what I witnessed today.

You see while I was waiting in line at my local coffee haunt, a lady two people in front of me decided waiting to place her order was no longer an option.  Given that it was her turn to order it was a little odd for her to go off on a tantrum of sorts.  She gave her order and a rather large dose of displeasure as well.  The whole time she was waiting she felt it necessary to let everyone know exactly how displeased she was with the service.  After all, she said, coffee needs to be ready immediately upon placing your order.  Waiting for more than two minutes, no matter how complicated the order is, is simply unacceptable.

At first I was shocked that any adult would behave like that.  And then I wondered what made this woman feel she had the right to treat someone the way she was treating the staff behind the counter.  So me, being me, I asked the question.  And she told me, well after telling me to mind my own business, that she needed her coffee because it was one of those days.  When I pointed out she wasn’t the only person who was having one of those days and we weren’t behaving so childishly so she would apologize and remember that for next time, I thought her mouth was going to hit the ground.

Listen I have my moments where I think about behaving similarity, but I’d never do it.  After all the people who feel your “rage” are just trying to do their job and who knows what all they’ve already had to out up with.  Maybe if we each take a small step back, have a moment to gather ourselves we can work to words a more calm and peaceful way of community.


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