Of Floors And Magic

The floor can be a magical place when you are a young child.  When you are the parent of a young child you can rediscover the magic of textures to your floor and how everything is always right here besides.  Heck you can simply stretch out on the floor and sleep if you are so inclined or so exhausted.

But small children don’t stay small and the floor loses its magic to the mystery of furniture.  Of course as adults we don’t mind when the floor is no longer the play area.  It can be hard, after all, to get up off the floor when you reach a certain stage in life.  We breathe a sigh of relief when the floor is no longer play area and toy storage area because stepping on some of those toys is a whole new level of pain.  Most people will tell you, stepping on a Lego with bare feet is something that should only happen once in your life…if ever.

Now I don’t have children of mine own.  I do, however, have a tiny puppy who stays on the floor.  Her tiny toys are as bad or potentially worse than Lego.  You see she has a teething ball that has all these hard little nubbies for her to bit.  And well sometimes let’s just say her people don’t put the ball away before bed time.  Which means that of course when we have to go outside at one am her people will no doubt step on said hard bits of the ball.  So i get the Lego thing.  I really do.

And I’ve discovered crawling again.  Perhaps really not something I needed to discover because my knees sure as heck weren’t meant for this endeavour.  I’ve also discovered certain parts of the floor are more pleasing to me than others.  Basically the soft sections of the floor, also known as plush carpet.  I am not cut out for hard floors, not for sitting on them or resting on them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I see a spot here on the floor we need missed vacuuming.  I need to call a crane to get me up so I can reach the vacuum….


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