It’s All Fun When You Are Young

Having a puppy back in the house has reminded me that there are things puppies need to learn besides potty training.  Things such as where to eat and when.  That night-time is the right time for sleeping, not playing!  Toes are not appetizers and pants aren’t chew toys.

The world is a big place with scratchy junipers, spiky roses and hard rocks.  There are bugs  to try and catch, birds to watch and mud to squish under your paws.  There are puddles to pounce on and grass to roll in.  There are just so many places to explore and learn about that time doesn’t have the same meaning.

And there is the real thing I forgot about with a puppy.  Sleeping through the night is not always possible.  Sometimes it’s the call of nature that means getting up in the darkness. At other times it’s discovering no one else is in your puppy kennel with you so you call out in loneliness seeking reassurance and some cuddles.  Other times you are called to play regardless of how dark it is.

Neither Beloved nor I happen to be puppies so it can be more of a challenge for us than for the puppy.  We can’t seem to grasp that sometimes even though it should be sleeping time, you simply can’t do it.  We forget all the fun you can have with a rope or a ball.

We forget the rules:  play hard, eat with gusto, drink with delight and sleep to gain energy to do it all over again.  And again and again.  😊


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