I’m all about learning new things, although I don’t always get it right.  In the spirit of new learnings, I decided to try my hand at smoke signals.  With some minor modifications of course.  Because the weather was a bit dirty, I decided the best place for my first practice would be in the house.  The kitchen made sense.

Of course I wasn’t about to build a massive fire in the kitchen, just something small that would help me fire out the smoke signals.  Say the size of a slice of bread, that would be easy to handle.

Okay so I didn’t really set out to try my hand at smoke signals is morning.  I had gone into the kitchen with the intent of making toast.  In the toaster.  Nothing abnormal there.  Except the toaster had other ideas.  Toasting was not on its agenda today.  Burning, however was a highlight for it.  So when I out down the bread and pressed the lever to start the toast, it decided to burn instead.

At first it was a few thin wispy trails, not enough to send out a message with and frankly barely worth the notice.  And then it started to billow out the window in a more steady and visible fashion.  What to do?

Attempt smoke signals of course.  Grab a towel, cloth or get old school and use your hand.  The idea is to interrupt the smoke stream.  Of course once the blacked remains of my bread popped up, I used tongs to wave the embers in the air.  According to Beloved my smoke signals spelled out nothing.

I’m sure he will show me the correct way when he pulls out the grill next time! 😉


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