Joyful Gift of Gratitude and Appreciation

A gift arrived upon my door.  A gift with two big eyes, a sweet temperament and four legs.  Her tail had been docked and she still has puppy teeth.  She is rather unlike any dog I had ever seen before with so much energy a small city could be powered by her bursts for short periods of time.

I wasn’t expecting her, I had sworn there wouldn’t be another.  At least not for a while, but well here she is.  A fluffy and smaller than a loaf of bread, but feisty as a sassy mature woman who knows what she wants.  And she is mine.  Well ours to be exact.

A gift from a friend who thought we needed some Joy in our lives.  Some comedy to pull us through the existentialism that we tend to dwell in.  These days, with so much intolerance, hate and violence being freely passed around the world over it is very easy for us to get caught up in it all and no longer know where to turn.

Every fight is our fight.  To sit on the sidelines and say that it isn’t ours because we aren’t defined by a certain group of people is not an option.  We are all humans.  When oppression happens it happens to all of us.  Violence directed at one group is violence directed at all of us for we are all human.  Hate one group, well you really are saying you hate humanity.  And on and on these things go.

Beloved has spent several hours hunched over s tubs let writing like a man possessed.  An uncontrollable  fever has made him mad.  Not that I’m much better, writing, talking and organizing as if there is no tomorrow.  Weather has ceased to be noticed by us, that is how wholly we are consumed by the need to right injustices and find a way past violence and hate.

Land so our friend brought us Joy, who’s only job is to remind us that there are moments of Humor and fun to be found even in these dark times.  She can’t help it, it’s in her nature and at nine weeks old she demands we pull ourselves back up to the surface and take her outside, play with her and have time cuddling.  The gift of Joy wasn’t so much Joy, although she is a truly amazing gift.  It is the gift of gratitude, appreciation and the reminder of how everyone is deserving of these moments.  She doesn’t diminish our work, rather she focuses us on the small things, those little flickering lights of hope that will soon bloom into a full steady light calling out and demanding to be accounted for.


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