Acme Strikes Again

So basically today Wylie E. Coyote lent me some of his Acme stuff.  Well his Acme microwave, but still, it’s the thought.  He’s nice that way and I guess he had no need for the microwave.  It’s not like you are going to microwave the RoadRunner.

How do I know his you ask?  Well the RoadRunner is a fairly large bird, large and strong.  He’s cunning too.  He won’t fit in this microwave and you can’t trick him into getting into it anyway.  Besides Wylie has so many Acme products to choose from.

Now we’ve all been lead to believe, according to the documentaries, er cartoons I mean, hat none of the Acme products work.  Not like they are supposed to.  But the microwave is different.  It works.

I used it to melt some butter and it worked like a charm.  So when I was working with a recipe that called for liquid honey and mine had started to change its mind about being liquid and had moved to being more solid I thought why not just heat it a bit.  Heat it in the microwave.  Because we know it works.

A word hear about honey.  It melts fast.  And when it gets got, well it’s like sticky molten lava.  Now back to our microwave. It heated the honey a little too well.  Well enough to turn the honey into molten stickiness and shrink the container the honey was in at the same time.

I sort of get the way Wylie feels when his Acme stuff that wasn’t working on the RoadRunner suddenly works on him.  Imagine explaining your burns to a nurse as being a case of a microwave that overrides your program request, makes the honey explode and fall all over the microwave.  Yeah not the smartest sounded thing.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t believe me when I told her it was set to low and for only 10 seconds.

Thankfully she can’t see the container it was in.  That thing little shrunk to less than half its original size.  Now I think I will just give this microwave back and lick my wounds…


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