Jewelled Giant

I’ve had many spiders in my abodes over the years.  I’ve never been comfortable with them in the house, but I have come to an uneasy understanding and truce around is.  They eat the other pests I don’t want in my house.  Such as mosquitos and moths.  Yes I know, they are all living creatures who have a right to live.  Just not in my abode.

But today, well today a new creepy crawly made its way into my life.  One which shimmered and glittered.  And skittered and flew.  You see today Mr Beetle came into the house.  Let’s just say the beetles and I don’t get along.

And of course this beetle wasn’t even a small one.  It as larger than my thumb.  And it flew into my house as I was opening up the door.  And then it landed on my kitchen table where it made itself at home.  Okay not at home, but rather used it as a lookout while I searched for a bowl to trap it under.

Surely something this large would be a bit slower than those small ants that tried to invade my space before.  So of course that proved to be false.  It was able to take of into flight just like that, landing high up on a cupboard where I can’t reach it.  And no spider around to trap it.

So of course I had a long uneasy wait for the nettle to come to a level I could reach.  I’m sure I was an amusing sight, keeping the bowl in hand, timidly peeking in the spot where I saw the beetle head.

The beetle proved to be a patient insect, I almost gave up.  Well as much as I could because let’s face it, I wasn’t about to sleep with that beetle in my house.  It could crawl on me, raid my refrigerator, steal my identity.  I mean who knows. But I wasn’t going to be able to sleep, not with this insect in the house, so I settled in for the long haul.

I was finally rewarded for my patience when the beatle decided to check out my reading chair.  Oh no Mr. beetle.  It is my reading chair.  So I got the bowl on top on this giant and then ever so carefully slide a magazine under that so the beetle was fully trapped.

Slowly and carefully we made our way to the door so I could set it free.  But the beetle didn’t want to leave.  Apparently the beetle had found an attraction to my magazine…


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