Cats, Dogs and I Lost My Mind

Now I’ve never claimed to be an expert when it comes to cats.  I mean I can’t even figure out the whole tail communication deal.  People have explained it to me, but why can’t their tails communicate a bit more like dogs.  I get dog tail wagging.  Cat tail twitching?  Not yet.

So I wasn’t totally surprised when I was taken aback listening to friends talk about bathing their cats.  In the kitchen sink.  Cats. In the sink.  With water. Yeah that didn’t really all connect for me.  My brain simply can’t process the combination.  I know, weird, but there you have it.

So obviously my mind couldn’t even comprehend the idea of cats and hair cuts.  Yep.  When these same people said they took their cats for haircuts aka shaving, well there was just no way.  Not at all.  Not even trying.

But it didn’t get my mind wondering about hairless cats.  I’ve seen them.  I’ve felt like getting sweaters and warm blankets for them.  But surely those cats would be easier from a grooming perspective.Pretty much wash and go I’d think.  And no hair balls right?

okay to be fair, I don’t get the whole hairless dog either.  Ease of grooming? Sure.  But do they get cold?  Do they get sunburns, wind burns?  Do they get teased by other dogs?  Do they want a doggie toupee of sorts as in a suit of faux fur for them. For those days they want the wind blowing through their fur, or just to switch it up?  Yep clearly my mind is shot…



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