Technology Hates Me, It Really Really Hates

People worry about the day that technology takes over.  Probably the biggest fear is the work in artificial intelligence and when artificial intelligence rebels and starts, well, thinking for itself.

There was a time when this was pure fantasy, I mean when would we ever reach about where robots could converse and interact with us in a human way?  Once we swore we’d never let robots take away jobs or such.  And then we found that robots remove all those pesky you,an elements such as differences in quality, imprecise measurements and such.  So we replaced the worker with the robot and the worker tell the robot what to do.  We needed people to build these things, maintain them and come up with software etc. for them.  And now we flirt with artificial intelligence.

But I don’t need that to know that technology is out to get me.  You see my devices know me.  They know I tend to be last-minute and when I need something, I need something now.  Technology though knows it has the upper hand in this game.  So if I need something you better believe I have issues with the website or the file.  Things crash, data gets lost, files become corrupt.  And my life is brought to a screeching halt while I panic and say a plea to the technology gods.  Let’s face it, what I’m really doing is sacrificing my dignity to these beings.  They’ve already won.

They insist that they know what I’m going to say before I finish typing a text.  They think that the only dictionary that matters is their own version of it, which,  in my opinion is sadly lacking in vocabulary.  So of course those things send me into another fit and round to of dignity sacrificing has begun.  So you see my friends, don’t fear the whole artificial intelligence and the day the machines rise up and think for themselves.  H no friends this is all our fight, and it starts with these little things!


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