Honest, He Was Barely Noticable

I stretched out leisurely to enjoy a good book.  I had the comfortable spot, a nice  drink, the book and all the whole day to myself to enjoy and relax.  And of course once I was stretched out, I remembered I wanted to have a few cherries to enjoy as well.  So up I got to get the cherries when a juicy apricot called out to me.  So cherries and an apricot were to be had.  But then he grapes called, so did the peaches and nectarines.

Soon I was pulling down a bowl, washing and chopping fruit for a fruit salad.  Then rummaging around the fridge for some cheese to go with my fruit.  And when I got back to where I had been stretched out, I realized there was no way I could stretch out, read my book and eat the fruit all at the same time.  Just not possible to do.

While I was sitting comfortably, enjoying the snack and reading my book Belved came in to the house.  Now he has every right to be in the house, but it was supposed to be a day that was all mine.  You know a day to not worry about what someone else might want.

Belived assured me get even though he as now going to be home the rest of the day, I wouldn’t notice him.  He would be completely silent and virtually visible.  Like how he was when he decided he wanted fruit salad and cheese and asked  what was in mine.  Followed by a question about where something was in the fridge.  Followed by a promise that now he was set so I wouldn’t even notice he was home.

And he was true to his promise about him being virtually unnoticeable for a few hours.  Until he called for me to hurry and help him.  Followed by an interesting set of words being strung together and a request for towels, ice and the car keys.  When I got into the kitchen he was bleeding rather profusely from his hand.  He wanted the ice wrapped in a towel, he wanted his hand wrapped in a towel and he wanted me to drive him to the hospital for “a wee number of stitches” which “shouldn’t take any time at all”.

A couple hours and a hundred stitched later we were home.  To a kitchen that needed cleaning and he needed to rest.  Next time I hope he doesn’t aim for unnoticeable if this is how it turns out!


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