My Reservation..And The Dress Code That Goes With It

Someone told me today that I was going to hell.  Probably in a gasoline coated body suit.  To roast eternally with endless suffering.  All because this person happens not to agree with me on something not even related to religion, but rather helping people in need.

Now I don’t really think I’m going to hell in a gasoline coated body suit.  Not even sure it will meet the dress code for the place.  If there is one.  And to be honest, I’m not worried about going to hell.  Which apparently means, according to this person, that not only will my body suit be coated in gasoline, but also tar.  Not believing in hell, it seems, will guarantee you a spot in the place.

Now I’m okay with people believing what they want, provided they don’t force their ideas or beliefs on others.  I know crazy right? But hey you may believe in an afterlife of some sort and someone else may not.  Now it may make you feel better about yourself, or more righteous, to point out that these “other” people are on the path of destruction.  But there is no real concrete proof either which way.  Just a varying set of beliefs and ideas.

But as much as you believe in something coming to fruition, others will believe just as strongly that your beliefs are nonsense.  And that is, of course, their right.  Which means if you believe you have the freedom to tell people what is going to happen to them after they die, you have to accept that they also have a right to tell you their thoughts on the matter.

So maybe it’s better to not tell me I’m going to hell, because you might find yourself most uncomfortable and disappointed with my response!  Now I know where I can get myself some tar, I know where I can get a body suit and even gasoline so I guess I’m pretty much set for hell, if these are requirements.


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