Stretching It Out or Moments Of Looseness

There is something amazing about being all stretched out, loose and no muscle pain.   Suseoct some people feel this every day of their lives, but for me it is rare to feel fully stretched out with no muscle pain or tightness.

Some days it seems as thought I can spend hours stretching and feeling wonderful during the stretch only to go back to my previous state of tight muscle and no flexibility.  There are days when I stretch repeatedly it seems like at least every fifteen minutes and find no relief.  There are other days when just a few moments of stretching elongates everything completely.

On those days when I can stretch repeatedly every fifteen minutes I will feel things shift around in my body, only to shift back to their previous position.  Sometimes during those stretches. Feel like something should shift, but nothing does.

Today was one of those days where my stretching didn’t seem to help.  But a deep tissue massage seemed to allow the stretching to do what it needed to do.  It is, of course, a temporary fix.  But I will take the temporary relief over nothing at all.

When I explained my issue to my yoga instructor she told me that it’s all in my head.  It isn’t that I don’t feel the tightness in the muscles.  It’s just that it’s something my mind has created as opposed to my muscles creating it.  She suspects that dealing with chronic pain makes me tense my body more than I should.  She thinks that my body automatically tenses in anticipation of the pain, even if it doesn’t come as expected.  So I’ve mentally created this condition that requires a great deal of work to undo.

There may be some truth to what she says, because when the pain is managed through medication and I’ve been massaged out, I can feel my body loosen up and feel free.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  I wonder if there is a way to bottle that feeling up for the times when I really need to feel loose and flexible!


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