Self Image Issues Of A Sort

Can I share something here?  Do you promise not to laugh so loudly that it won’t carry across from your space to mine?  I just, I have to make an admission because if I don’t it may in fact kill me.  I don’t get selfies.  I honestly do not understand them.

I understand pictures of places you enjoy or people and pets.  Yes I get this as a means of holding onto time.  It’s a way to freeze time for that moment.  But selfies?  I just don’t understand them.

An acquaintance shared with me that she has over fifty selfies on her phone.  That was after she deleted the so-so selfies.  She had a total of ninety-three before the purge.  They represent everything from a good hair day to having received good news as well as good outfits and great shoe days.

Now I’m at a point in my life where I don’t jump onto fades.  I just do what makes sense to me.  Selfies?  Not so much.  I mean I see myself everyday in the mirror.  The one person I know I will see throughout the day is myself.  It’s a type of guarantee I gave myself.  So I’m pretty sure that I won’t forget what I look like right now.  I also know what my clothes and shoes look like so I don’t need pictures of them.  After all they are right there in my closet.

Is it just me?  Is it that I really am officially old now?  Or are there other people who find the whole selfie phase to be senseless?


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