Driving In Style

When I was learning how to drive, they insisted that you learn how to do the evils or parallel parking as  parking up or down a hill.  So important were these skills to THEY, that I was required to prove my skills during my road test. So confession time begins, I can parallel park, however unless forced to do it I will avoid it.  I’m just not into that type of parking when there are other ways to park.  I have used the parking uphill and downhill portion of my lessons more regularly.  What I haven’t done as much of is ensuring the emergency brake is fully engaged.  Yep I know, I live on the edge that way.  Granted I conveniently forget to do this only when parking on flat land.  Go figure! But these days, learning to drive n these days, heck is parallel parking really that big of a deal.  I mean they have cars that park themselves especially for parallel parking.  You don’t even have your hands on the wheel for this deal.  So no need to prove those skills. Heck soon you won’t even have to drive because the cars do it all on their own.  Everyone will have their own automatic chauffeurs.  Well until something goes sidewise.  Or you get bored by not doing the driving.  I’m not sure that I’d want to be driven around by my car while I just sit back and relax.  Kind of defeats the purpose of driving. I suppose with these changes the driving test will change.  Parallel parking will be a thing of the past, the cars will automatically known how to park on a hill.  The test will resemble a sitting test I guess, and choosing the right music or what have. I think  want to pass on all that.  I will become like Miss Daisy who refuses her chauffeur driving her anywhere at first.  She walked down the sidewalk while he drive super slow beside her.  I mean eventually she did get in the car with her chauffeur and further into the story they become great friends.  I could do that I think.  Just not with the car doing it all!


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