Cheesy, But True

She recommended kneading it a bit, to get the texture just right.  Not that I’d have a clue how to tell if the texture was just right or not, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  So I kneaded it a bit and then wondered if perhaps, maybe there was a point that you realized you had over-kneaded it.  Over-kneading bread is a bad influence after all, so was it possible to do the same with this fresh mozzarella cheese?

To be honest until today, in the tiny little story, I had never heard of kneading the cheese.  But apparently it does something for the texture or something.  I forget what she said now.  Because it’s a bit weird, the whole kneading cheese thing.  And then there was the whole fear of over-kneading it as well as getting it out of shape.

Shape of the cheese was somewhat important for this simple yet elegant salad.  Or so the  recipe’s creator claimed.  Again what do I know about it?  What I did know, however, was no matter what I did it wouldn’t look as wonderful as the picture of the salad on the website.   It’s a bit of a credit to me that none of my stuff looks like the pictures…proof that I’ve made it on my own. 😉

The salad tasted good, better than I thought it would.  But I’m not sure the kneading helped with the taste.  As much as I like cheese, I’m no expert on the stuff.  I’m an expert on what I like, some times! 😉  So I like the salad, not sure I like about kneading cheese as it is a bit weird to me.  But maybe it’s what you are used to.  I wonder what other “old” things there are to try with food!


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