Good Ideas Ignore At Own Peril

For some reason today bed seemed like a good idea.  The minute I woke up to start my day, it really felt like bed would be a good idea.  So of course I got up and left bed.  I mean just because staying in bed seems like a good idea doesn’t mean one should follow it.

Las I went about my morning routine, bed still seemed like a good idea.  Actually bed seemed like the right place to be.  It doesn’t usually work this way for me.  Usually for me, bed isn’t a good idea in that I’d rather not be there unless I feel like utter rubbish.  I didn’t feel like utter rubbish today, but bed was comfortable and cozy and so it seemed like an ideal place.  Not that it was the ideal place, just comfortable.

And you know how it goes when you do something like tempt fate by doing what doesn’t feel right.  I ended up spilling coffee all over my shoes.  They had been white Keds.  Now not so much.  Oh sure they are still Keds, just coloured by moi!

I missed my stop on the line so had to walk back in my freshly coloured and slightly damp Keds more than a few blocks.  When I really didn’t want to walk back anywhere because I wanted to already be where I was supposed to be.  So no time to buy a fresh coffee.

When I finally got home I realized I had forgotten to pick up an item.  But I’m not going back, I will simply make do without said item.  I mean it’s not a big deal at all.  Until I went to cook and remembered it was a key ingredient.  And of course I didn’t pull out all my ingredients prior to cooking because that would be too sensible.  So I ordered food in.

Now you’d think that I’d easily fall back into my bed after the interruption of the day I had lived without any issues. But of course now there is no comfortable spots to be found.  All because I disrespected the allure of bed today.


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