Conjuring People

Isn’t it odd how certain words conjure up images of people?  Anytime someone says the word beach I can picture a friend who lived for the beach.  Whenever people talking about going to the beach I immediately bring up a my favourite memory of her, her hair lightly tugged by the wind, feet in the water and arms thrown wide while a huge smile covers her face.  Of course she didn’t spend her whole life on the beach, but she lived for the beach.  Vacations?  Always spent at the beach.

I have gone to the beach properly in years.  I’m not a huge fan of it and my biggest motivator, my friend, isn’t here any longer to drag a mildly reluctant me.  Of course by the time we had been at the beach for a period of time my reluctance would have been tugged away by the wind and while I probably didn’t and never would share her unbridled passion for the place, it was enjoyable.

When I hear people talk about wine, I immediately conjure up the image of a former boss who was a wine expert.  Wine was his passion and he worked to pay for his passion.

The word paisley conjures up another image of another person.  When I see paisley I can see her.  I’m not really a paisley fan, but I was a fan of her and somehow that made me see the fun of the puzzles in paisley.

The word comfort brings up an image of still another person.  A nice man who imbues the very essence and meaning of comfort.  I don’t think I can picture comfort in any other form other than this man.

This is the real power of the words, the magic that they bring to us as individuals.  The life that words carry thst tie us to memories and feelings as if we are back in the moment.  The magical word becomes a different thing for different people and that’s wonderful!



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