My Personal Treaure Hunt or Brain Fog Wins

Now and then I do things that surprise me.  Sometimes this is a good thing.  Sometimes it’s, um, not what was expected.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but sometime it leaves me puzzled.  I like to blame lupus for these moments, but well, I’m not sure if I can.

This morning while I headed out for my daily shower, er, walk in the rain that just happened to fall when I was out, I decided to keep my cell phone safe and dry.  My jacket has pockets that hold my phone so naturally that’s where you’d think I would put it.  Naturally that’s where I went to check when I came home from my walk.  And of course it wasn’t there because that would be too easy.

A moment of major panic, say on the scale of nuclear meltdown because basically my whole life and brain are in that phone, followed by some deep breathing ensued.  I didn’t take a bag with me so there was no way for it to be there.  Did I drop it during my walk?  Should I retrace my steps?  But I didn’t recall hearing it fall

While I was trying to sort out the million and one thoughts, I leaned against the wall and felt something.  In my pants pocket.  Which was apparently my cell phone.

I’ve found my car keys in the refrigerator when I couldn’t find them in my purse.  I suspect I did that when I was grabbing some cream for my coffee to take to work.  Because taking the cream out surely means putting your keys in.

I’ve put food in the oven, pulled it out and discovered it wasn’t cooked.  Because I forgot just one tiny step.  Important, but tiny.  As in turning it on and setting temperature.

My doctor calls it brain fog, common with lupus and sometimes common with the medications I take.  I call it hysterically hilarious.  Because it’s funny, but scary as heck.  What if it becomes a permanent way to live?  What if I find one day I put Beloved in the linen closet by mistake?  Okay not likely because he would just remove himself, but you can see what I’m getting at.

Beloved assures me it can be a case of too many things on my mind. Or old age.  Since he’s older than I am and doesn’t seem to have these issues I will blame it on lupus and too many things on my mind!


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