A Simple Question, or Is It

Who are you?  Describe yourself.  These are easy things to ask of a person.  Being on the other end of the request isn’t exactly that simple.

Who am I?  Well I may be the name my parents gave me, but that’s just a name.  Perhaps I am the title I own where I work.  But it’s just a title for what I might do.  I am somebody’s child, someone’s grandchild.  I’m a lover and a loved one.  I am a daughter, a life partner.  I am a giver and a taker.  I a’m healer and a torturer.  I am a motivator and a complainer. I am a worker and a slacker.  I am the sum of my experiences, but only in how I tell those experiences.

How do you describe yourself beyond how you might baseline standards?  I have two eyes, two years and one nose.  Two arms, hands, legs and feet.  I have ten toes, eight fingers and two thumbs.  Sure we can get into eye color, Beloved swears when I’m in a mood I have the same color eyes as the North Sea after a storm.  We can get into hair color too.  But those are all subjective things really.  How do we see short?  Average compared to what?

I suppose, when you get down to it, it can be as complex or as simple as you want.  But I’m not sure where the line is to meet in terms of doing justice to the question.  How do you handle the simple surface questions that are far deeper than we thought if only we wish to explore it?


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