Universal Hilarity or Murphy’s Foot

Somehow the Universe likes to point it’s odd sense of Humor my way.  As in it directly impacts me.  Typically I refer to this as Murphy’s Law.  And without fail, when its smooth-sailing ahead this amazing law kicks up and  much hilarity ensues.  Well not really from my point of view.  But I doubt the law cares about that minor part.

May I present exhibit A…my daily walks.  These aren’t crazy long walks, they don’t last a million miles and they aren’t gruelling.  They are just walks around town, to do errands and what have you.  Casual walking with a bit of ompf if you will.  I do these walks at least four days a week, plus all the other walking that goes on in the day-to-day tasks of my life.

Now ive experience blisters now and then on these walks.  Basically when my sock becomes bunched up or something like that.  Nothing major.  Nothing crippling.  Nothing to worry about or cause much concern.  And they aren’t a regular occurrence either.  So of course today, on a slightly longer walk complete with a downpour (poor planning on my part), I develop a new blister.  A blister unlike any I’ve ever had before.

This blister burns and aches.  It throbs and demands attention.  Worst of all,because this week is a week filled with lots of walking, it decides it needs to be in my life.  And dreadfully for me, it’s on the ball of my foot.  I only use this part of my foot like all the time.  So now I can either hobble along and hope it doesn’t become a bigger disaster or replay the rest of the week.

But allow me to introduce you to exhibit B, which comes in the form of an email, letting me know the charity walk I signed up for which is supposed to take place at the end of the month has been moved.  To this weekend.  And apparently it’s too late to back out.

It is the little things n life isn’t  it?  I  seem to be able to manage the big chronic, horrible things okay.  But a blister and a whole week is messed up.  Beloved figures the blister must be evaluated by a medical professional, because of lupus and the medications I take.  But it’s just a blister right?  And really it’s just a joke, at my expense surely.


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