Food Fight or My Kitchen Revolts

Can we please talk about appliances?  Specifically kitchen appliances and other devices designed to make life easier?  Can we?  Just for a moment or so?  Thanks.

You see today I ended up with a desire to attempt a new salad.  One that required the use of sun dried tomatoes.  Normally I just cut these things up and eat them in things.  But this recipe asked for the use of a hand held blender and the use of a food processor.  What could go wrong?

Well for anyone who has never used a hand held blender with sun dried tomatoes let me tell you it’s um messy.  That’s putting it nicely.  Especially with oil added to it.  I can tell you I’m not interested in getting the walls painted a dark red color.  Especially now that I’ve seen it in my walls.  And floor.  And ceiling.  It also doesn’t suit me as far as coloring goes.

The food processor?   Well why should it be left out of the fun.  It too decided to through food out of its lid.  Well okay so I thought I had the lid on correctly.  Yep not a chance.  It’s understandable given I’d just finished cleaning up the other mess.  This time it was basil and pine nuts and cheese.  Oh and garlic.  Yep all over the place.  Again.

Was the salad worth it?  Nope.  And I’m not eating off the floor or the walls or the ceiling.  Now if you excuse me, I’m going to rest before making some toast.  Toast won’t make a mess.


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