Of Cookies And Monsters

For whatever reason Beloved got it in his head to make cookies today.  He had found a recipe a month ago that he has been wanting to try and today appeared to be the day.  He read the ripe, dug out the ingredients, ran an errand or two and came home to make the cookies.  I, on the other hand, decided to take it easy given that I was running on little to no energy and had an IV therapy treatment the day before.  In other words I was pretty useless.

So I stayed out of the kitchen while he made his cookies.  I read and amused myself, well okay what I really did was try to ignore the pain and basic feeling dreadful.  That’s about all I could manage.  He was measuring and stirring and beating and baking, all in peace and control.  Now and then he’d pop his head into the room I was n for a wee chat or so.  Once I dare say, he tried to tempt me with the cloud cookie he had made, but it didn’t seem appealing.

So he opted to make classic cookies, chocolate chip and then peanut butter.  For surely you are never too sick for either of those cookies.  Except I wasn’t up to them.  Typically I’d happily sample the raw dough.  Yes I know it’s a huge no-no, but I figure it’s just not human to eat raw cookie dough.  Besides you have to try it before you bake it just to be sure it’s going to taste okay.  Nothing worse than a couple dozen cookies that don’t taste right because you failed to complete your duty of quality control.

Irked at my lack of interest in cookies, as well as motivated by a sudden desire to be surrounded by cookies, Beloved became a type of Cookie Monster.  He made oatmeal cookies and shortbread.  And then he stopped. Because we ran out of ingredients and places to store the cookies already made. The monster of greed and desire (for cookies) had overtaken his logic.  For me the monsters of pain, exhaustion and chronic illness ruled the day.  Ruled enough that I wasn’t even remotely temped by the cookies.

I cursed these monsters ruling my day.  I wanted to enjoy the fruits of Beloved’s labor.  I wanted to sample his creations and share in the simple satisfaction that cookies bring.  Frankly I wanted to be a Cookie Monster of sorts myself.  Maybe tomorrow my inner Cookie Monster will break free!


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