Finger Food and Fatigue

There is something magical about eating with your hands.  It’s intuitive and natural.  Unless you are typing to eat things like cereal and milk or applesauce.  It’s hard to eat those things with your fingers.  Not impossible though.  Toddlers prove this all time and time again.

A friend stopped by with some ethnic food today.  We were supposed to go out together for this meal, however lupus kind of got in the way.  Around ten this morning I hit the wall that anyone with lupus knows all too well.  If you don’t have lupus you may not know this wall.  You can be feeling somewhat okay and suddenly be hit with fatigue that is soul crushing.  Or perhaps its bone crunching pain.  Maybe a combination of both or something else.

This morning I was hit with “healthy” red cheeks aka the butterfly rash and fatigue beyond belief.  Thankfully I was home and could just crash, which I did.  When my friend stopped by, Beloved was home and it was he who collected the food from my friend.  My friend assured him the best way to eat the food and get the full experience was to it the food with your hands, not utensils.  So we tried that.

Sadly my friend forgot that some of the food was meant to be eaten with a type of bread, which wasn’t part of what she brought.  And so we tried to eat it with our fingers, which made us appreciate how toddlers will try everything with their fingers first.  Because fingers feel natural.  Until you reach a certain age, where suddenly eating without utensils seems, well, unusual.  Once you get over that though, its magical and a way to let your inner child out.  Consider it a whole new way to get into your food!

Now im just going to hose off…


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