Beans, Caterpillars and My New Diet

Apparently edamame beans are wonderful streamed and lightly salted.  All the rage even, or so I’ve been told.  And of course when in Rome, or rather when out with people who swear by these things, one must do as they do.  Hence a bowl of steamed and lightly salted edamame beans appeared in front of me.

They were still in their fuzzy pods, looking like wilting caterpillars with diamonds on them rather than what I expected.  Not that I eat caterpillars at any time because, eww, caterpillars.

Now a word here, about eating these beans.  Even though they salt the outside of the pods, you actually aren’t  supposed to eat the pods, just squish the beans out with your teeth.  Well of course that just makes perfect sense and surely everyone already knows this.  Except me.

You see friends I knew nothing of these delights, nor did I know the rules of how to eat them.  And lucky me, I was with people who insisted I eat the first one.  Because why wouldn’t you do that?  Think of it as a hazing ritual that lets you into the club.  Or so that’s what they said as I tried to get ride of the tough, fuzzy caterpillar that was in my mouth.

For the record, I do not like caterpillars, nor was I a fan of the edamame pod.  Salt?  Yes I liked the salt.  Needless t say this is a rage that I’m dying to join any time soon.  Now, does anyone know how to make your tongue feel normal after eating caterpillars?  Anyone?  (Why do I feel like Mr. Bean?)


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