When Trendy Gets Messy

Beloved got it in his head to shave.  Not just shave though, for that wouldn’t be earth-shaking.  Sure the man has a bit of a beard, but it’s not like birds hiding whole families in it type of beard.  But he wanted to be bold and daring, so he wanted to try a new shaving method.  Peanut butter.

Yep you read that right.  A few of my girl friends had been talking about how great they  found shaving their legs with peanut butter.  The oil, from the peanuts, apparently helps condition the skin and leaves you with silky, soft and healthy looking skin on your legs.  To Beloved this seems like a win-win situation, you can have breakfast and then shave with part of your breakfast.

So he decided to give this shaving with peanut butter a try.  He went down to the market, got some smooth, natural peanut butter and basically locked himself n the bathroom.  He ran the tub full of hot water and after that I don’t know.  I left.  My mama didn’t raise a fool.  No need to be around when the horror show is taking place.  Unless you like that kind of thing.  And Beloved shaving his legs?  Yep nothing could go wrong with that!  Not at all!

The verdict is, um, a mixed bag.  I’m not how smooth his legs are as there are huge swaths of hair that somehow hide from the razor.  And the nicks and cuts covered in bandages?  Not really smooth.  Plus he left a huge mess in the bathroom.  So I’m figuring the beard is safe for now.  And I’m off peanut butter!


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