Remote Battles, or Remotely Evil

I wonder how many relationships have been shattered over fighting for control of the remote control?  Surely wars have been fought over this very precious item, civil wars of sorts.  Life before remote controls for the television, were they less filled with violence and anger?  I mean at that time you’d have to go over to the machine and change channels manually.  Surely that allowed for cooler heads to rule.

I’ve noticed that in most households some has possession of the device.  If it isn’t being held tightly in one’s grip, then it seems to be within quick snatching reach of a person. Pandemonium has reigned n households as people search the remote control, as if the device now controls us.  S/he who holds the magic controls what is consumed in terms of program watching as well, if not more importantly, what is not watched.

A friend of mine has taken to “hiding” the remote during certain times of the day after discovering that if she doesn’t, her partner will seek out a particular show and watch the back to back to back episodes without consideration of others.  She says the show is one full of vulgar language which is delivered at ear shattering pitches because the people on the show have never learned how to speak, or they are all hard of hearing.  The show is a thirty-minute interval of yelling and screaming with swearing and insulting as people search for the “ultimate find”, which they have to clean up and resell in order to make any money.  The channel runs this program one right after the other each day for an hour and half.  That’s five days with each day filled with one and a half hours of the same type of stuff.

Now my friend hides the remote, says she doesn’t know exactly where it is and perhaps one of the kids do.  By the time the remote is found it can be anywhere from an hour to two hours later.  Sneaky?  Yes.  Immature?  Probably. But it’s saved her relationship.  For now.

We tend not to have these issues in our house.  Not because the television doesn’t get turned on, it does.  We just tend to watch a lot of the same stuff when we are together.  And we have more than one television, which has no doubt helps when we want to watch different shows, regardless of what the other person wants to view!

How about you?  Have you noticed these power struggles?  Have they harmed your relationship r do you know of relationships damaged by this evil device?


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